How to Find the Best Wedding Caterer

A wedding caterer prepares the wedding menu and takes care of the dinner flow. But, that is only one part of what they do. They are also responsible for coordinating the reception timeline. Many wedding caterers also supply the necessary tableware required for the wedding. And the crown jewel of them all, they prepare the wedding cake as well. So, it goes without saying that you want only the best wedding caterer for your wedding. So, the question is – how do you decide which one is the best? Allow us to help you.

best wedding caterer

Check their documents

Professional wedding caterers should have operating license. If they have the license, then it means that they have met the local health department standards. If you hire caterers that have not met health department standards, then may prove to be unprofessional. More importantly, the chances of food poising increase significantly. Also, if you want them to serve liquor, then ask for their liquor license, whic

h has to be obtained separately by them. In addition to these, check if they have liability insurances for serving food as well as liquor.


It is important to confirm whether they can completely dedicate their time and resources to you and you only on the day of your wedding. If they also have to serve another wedding somewhere else, there is bound to be confusion and compromise in their service quality.


If you are planning to have any specialty, ethnic, organic, or other types of foods, then first check with them whether they have handled such requests before. If you want a particular cuisine for your wedding, then ask them a few questions on that particular cuisine. Even simple questions like which dishes they know as part of that cuisine should give you enough information.

Check References

This is possibly the most important thing you will do while selecting a wedding caterer. Ask them to provide references of people, whose weddings they catered at. These are the people who have had the experience of the caterer’s quality of service firsthand. This is the best way to ascertain the professionalism and quality of services of the caterer.


It is one thing to check with others and read online reviews. Tastes change from person to person. You may not like what someone else may like. So, you should taste the food prepared by the caterer, before you make the decision. Ask them when they can arrange for a taste sampling session.

Catering will probably take up the biggest chunk of your wedding budget. Therefore, plan how much you are ready to spend on catering. Ask them whether they offer per plate prices, or an all-inclusive package. If it is an all-inclusive package, as them what all is included. It is best if it is a full service package. If they offer their own wait staff, then that is a huge advantage. Their wait staff knows the ins and outs of the caterer, and can work seamlessly without any hiccups. Also check whether the wedding cake, liquor, bartenders, tables, silverware, napkins, and so on are included in the package. In a nutshell, check what all features are included in their package. Any feature that they provide, which you don’t have to go looking for elsewhere is a plus.

How to Find the Best Wedding Limousine Service

wedding limousine

Everyone dreams about their wedding day and want it to be celebrated luxuriously. Any great wedding has to culminate in the departure of the bride and groom in an enviable transport, and what can be better than a stylish luxurious limousine. The moment your limousine enters to pick you after the wedding, you will feel royal in front of your guests. But there are many factors that go into choosing the perfect transport for yourself. Here are some of the most important points to ponder before you decide to rent a limousine for your wedding.

Know Your Ride

Jot down points of what exactly you want. Think about which color the vehicle would be, what would be the maximum passenger strength, will there be an experienced driver in your limousine, will there be beverages served in it, and the most important – what would be the total cost of your limousine with an experienced driver.

Find Reviews

Make sure you go through ample reviews and testimonial to find the best limousine rental for the wedding. The company should have a brand name in your city so that you can easily rely on them for security and safety. Moreover, a reputed company will send a clean, sparkling and well-stocked car on the day of the wedding.

Get a Contract

You should always ask the contractor through whom you have arranged your limousine to get a contract made which gives the detail of the limousine and the driver. Also, it should carry the amount fixed for renting it and the signature of the owner saying that he is willing to rent it for a day.

Driver is Important

You must get a driver who is experienced and ensure that the car company has run a thorough background check. A driver who has worked weddings before will know how long to stop, how to treat the bride and groom, and other tasks expected of him. A rookie can spoil the experience of a Limousine too. So, be careful.

Stay in the Budget

Lastly, stick to the all-important budget. Make sure that the rental you are hiring offers you the best rates. Buy packages, get discounts, and of course, negotiate. Wedding can be an expensive affair, so make sure you do not spend a fortune on the ride alone. Do not compromise on the quality though.

Limos are expensive, but expensive is what we need for special occasions to make the occasion worth remembering. These special touches in the weddings are just a sign of how important the day is. The bride and groom should take the first steps of their life in luxury. There is no shortage of Limousine renting companies in the market, but finding the one that suits all the requirements of a couple can take time. So, start the search early and get all the bookings done well in advance so that there are no mix ups on the wedding day and the newlyweds can happily drive into the sunset in the lap of luxury.

Choosing the Best Wedding Cake

best wedding cakeA Wedding is the most beautiful and awaited moment of our life. Of course, we all want to celebrate with an eye catching and mouthwatering cake. I must tell you wedding cakes are one of the most important parts of a wedding. You should always search for the best bakery to place your order for the wedding cake. To get a perfect wedding cake of your choice, please make sure you check out these points carefully.


First and foremost is the design of your wedding cake. What do you want to depict on your wedding cake? Whether you want to portray you and your fiancé, you want to show how you met, or you want to express any personal or memorable moment between you two. If you have some previously selected designs on your mind, then please do ask the baker if they can prepare exactly what you want. Else, you can search for another baker, or for other cake designs on Pinterest or Google.


Then comes the budget. Please try not to hide the actual budget you have allotted for the wedding cake. Share your actual budget for the cake with the baker, so that he can assure you whether the cake you want fits in that budget or you need to make any changes to it.


Get the guest list ready, so that you can settle on the size of the cake. Decide how many tiers cake you want – two, three, four, or even more. This will also help the baker to fix your budget as well. While deciding the tiers, also choose a suitable shape for the cake.


This is another important factor during cake selection. After going to a bakery and placing your order, please taste some of the most popular cake flavors that they have, such as chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, red velvet, mango, orange, nutty surprise, and others. The flavors will give you an idea of how many flavors you want. Also, you will also come to know whether the baker’s flavors are delectable are not. Further, if you have two or more tier cake, you can plan out how to place the flavors – whether it will be different in all tiers or the same.

What you see is what you get

Make sure that what you had planned with the baker is exactly what has been delivered to you. Don’t hesitate to tell them what is missing in the cake or whether the cake is perfect as per your expectations, or not. These things do matter if you don’t want to be embarrassed in front of your guests.

So make sure you go through all the valid points mentioned above to make your wedding cake the best cake during your best moments. It is not just the looks of the cake, but also its taste that should fascinate you. Get ready to make the guest list and rush to the best baker of your town.

Best Wedding Photographer in Seattle

If best seattle photographeryou live in the Pacific Northwest then you are probably looking for the best wedding photographer in Seattle.  It is hard to tell from just the photos alone if a photographer will work well with you and your guests.  Of course, you want a creative and skillful photographer but you also want someone who really cares about you, your family and wedding guests. It is important to have someone who has leadership skills and the motivation to get the best shots during your wedding.  Organizing a group of people can be difficult for someone who has no experience in this skill.

You want to find a perfect match for you. When planning your wedding from out of town you may have to use Skype with a lot of photographers before hiring. Wedding photography is THE most important aspect of your wedding. Be sure to select someone you wouldn’t mind hanging with during your entire wedding day.  The photographer will be there while you are getting ready until the end of the night in most cases.

Ensure to look at many aspects of the photographer including photography style and responsiveness. Are they quick to respond to your emails or phone calls? This makes the process of wedding planning run smoother.  You want to be impressed with their turn around time and skill at candid photos.

Look at many of their photos to make sure you love their creativity. Choose a style that fits your personalities because you can interview as many photographers as needed. Find someone that makes you feel comfortable and important.

Ask about pricing, packages and how many photos you are entitled to receive.  Many photographers only offer a handful of photos to you and not the entire CD.  Also, many photographers have the ability to create a beautiful wedding or collage book for your special day.

The best Seattle photographer who can provide you all the above is Rachel Street Photography. She will provide the best customer service, creativeness and photography pricing in the Seattle area.  Call (206) 919-1977 to see if you are the perfect fit.

Searching for the Perfect Wedding Venue

Searching for the perfect wedding venue must be your first “to do” on your list of things to plan.  The venue is the first thing that many people book so time is of the essence.  You may want to think of special places that you and wedding venueyour fiancee love to visit or dream about.  Are there any a ha moments you shared together which brought your relationship to that next level.  Where did that happen and how did you feel after that?

Do you both love the outdoors?  Do you love castles or mansions?  Do you love the water, mountains or the forest?  Jot down all the places you love without thinking to bring up some ideas from your unconscious mind together.  Those ideas will lead you to the perfect venue.  Once you have at least 50 ideas then you can start the search for your wedding venue.  Be sure to keep notes of all the places you called including points of contact.

Many popular venues will get reserved a year in advance so be sure to start looking more than a year before your wedding date.   You can also hire a wedding planner who has a list of the local venues in your area.  They can help you find your ideal venue that you may never find on your own.

If you are wanting a free venue then look no further than your local park or beach.  Many couples get married in the park, by a mountain, on the beach or in the forest for FREE!  You may want to have a handful of close friends to help you set up the venue ahead of time so no one else snags your dreamy location. A free venue is the best location sometimes.  What outdoor adventures have you traveled to and had a great time?  Have you gone camping, swimming or hiking to a secluded spot that you loved?  That may be your FREE wedding location.

When you do find your venue, be sure to put down a deposit to reserve the location.   Ensure to ask about all the rules and times available to set up and tear down.  Also, many venues require you to use there contracted bartenders, caterers and DJs.  You don’t want to be surprised about something you didn’t ask about on your wedding day.

It takes a lot of patience and faith knowing that you will find your perfect wedding venue.  Remember it will all come together for you in perfect timing.



Wedding Vows Examples to Turn Heads

Want Wedding Vows Examples that will create lasting memories?

Wedding Vows are the key to making your wedding shine.  The best wedding vows come with deep appreciation of your loved one filled with humor, honesty and love. Think of those silly moments you have experienced together and these special moments where you were floating on cloud nine.  Also think about the roughest patches where you both grew together even stronger.  All these examples will fill your wedding vows with power, courage and deep felt communication.

Here are some examples to help you jog your memory and your creative juices.

wedding vows examples“Sarah, do you take Robert, to be your partner in this amazing adventure that lies ahead?
Do you promise to walk by him side to the ends of the earth?
To support, encourage and love her in him every way possible?
Do you commit to being open with him and share with him your entire being?
To share his laughter as well as tears?
Do you take him as your husband for now until the end of time?”

and another idea….

I promise to always leave the close the cabinet doors
I promise to unexpectedly take two hours to make a simple hamburger
I promise to create a life for us of strange and spontaneous adventures
I promise I will always love you

I will listen to your advice, and sometimes take it
I will never keep score… even if I’m in the lead
I will admire your huge, strong, kind and beautiful heart
I pledge to love you forever

I vow to listen, so that you feel absolutely heard
I vow to watch you kick ass and take names in awe
I vow to be your determined cheer leader on the days it feels too much
I vow to love you forever

I know that ‘me time’ is very real, scientists have proven this
I know that you love carefully folded socks in your neat dresser drawer
I know there is no place or time I’m more content than when you’re close
Because of this and so much more… I believe that I will love you forever

I hope these wedding vows examples have sparked your creative juices and motivates you to write down what you feel from your heart.  Take a deep breath and write down your deepest feelings about your loved one.  You got this!


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